Farmer Joe's Chicken

Returns and Claims / Refund Policy

No Claims or returns will be recognized unless made on the same day of the delivery.

Farmer Joes Chicken will deliver the goods to the delivery address specified on the order. The goods are taken to be accepted if the invoice is signed by a person at the destination. If the destination is unattended and a pre-arranged agreement was made with Farmer Joes Chicken, goods may be left, otherwise the goods will be not be delivered. The delivery time is an estimation only, we will endeavor to achieve the communicated time, however it is not guaranteed.

We will not accept claims for goods to be returned where you have not maintained proper handling procedures of the delivered goods.  Where we supply fresh or frozen goods, proper handling of the goods includes removing product from cartons and storing the fresh products in an effective Chillers (recommended 0 - 2 °C) and Frozen Goods must be stored in a freezer at – 18 °C.

Cancellation of orders may not be accepted if goods have been dispatched from our factory.

Please DO NOT return any goods until you have contacted our friendly customer services staff. We may refuse your claim for credit.